april 09, 2018
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CHAOS crowd: Data usage and transparency


Any action in the web — including any mobile app downloads — contribute to building one’s digital footprint, also known as digital shadows. Digital footprints are the set of data consisting  of  all activities, communications, and browsings ever done by an individual and that can be traced through Internet or a mobile device.

In the recent wave of hot debates concerning data policy and data protection on the Internet, we want to be 100% clear and transparent about the Happycity user interface and its use of data. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced on May 25, 2018.  In this post, we cover some key topics and give our answers.

What kind of data does CHAOS CROWD collect and for what purpose?

CHAOS crowd’s ultimate goal is to set a common space for citizens to express their city ideas, contributing this way to the development of the places they live in and bringing communities together. The ideas that you submit are backed-up with information about your citizen characteristics and your city experience. What this means is that we  collect demographic data (such as your gender, age, profession, education and means of transportation), as well as your location during the city activity, in order to make coherent urban analyses. This kind of data is non-personally identifiable information, which means that it is information that by itself cannot be used to identify or contact you.

By analysing the demographic trends and city behaviour, we are able to categorise your ideas in order to refer them to decision-makers and understand the city complexity.  In addition, combining your ideas with other layers of cloud data enables us to detect patterns and forecast the changes and dynamics in urban development.

Your data helps provide statistical information to city leaders, developers, and real estate agents in order to design better cities for everyone. Your individual data is not used and cannot be seen for other purposes, and, most importantly, we do not make targeted advertisements of any kind.

Geolocation Information

CHAOS crowd works with geolocation technology that allows us to deduce the location from which you are posting your city ideas, regardless of the part of the world you are in. The geolocation data is collected only after getting consent from its users and it is not shared with third parties. Location data does not collect or share any personally identifiable information about yourself.

Thanks to the geolocation technology, every time you create an idea you are also creating a hotspot, meaning that a Happycity user walking by your idea will get a notification to react on it: vote, comment and share.

How can I control what I am sharing with CHAOS crowd?

We do not disclose your personal data to third parties, and you are always in control of what you are sharing with second parties. Remember that you can also always disable location tracking from your phone.

Our universal tips for keeping your data safe are simple and easy to follow:

1. Perform app maintenance, meaning keep your applications updated on a regular basis.
2. Take your time and always upgrade your device to a newest version.
3. Always make sure that any application you intend to download has the privacy policy available. You should be able to access it from the App Store and Google Play. In case, it is not there,  you should be able to read it directly in the application.
4. In case of doubts, do not hesitate to dive into your device’s settings to check the privacy set up and apps’ data access permissions.

Download CHAOS crowd from the App store and Google Play store.

If you feel you have questions that remained unanswered you can share them with us at support(at)chaosarchitects.com or leave them as comments on our post here.

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