JANUARY 23, 2018

The CHAOS year: Highlights of 2017


Hello reader!

After well deserved holidays, we are very happy to be back at the office. Now,  three weeks into the new year, we have been focused on planning the strategy for this year, and of course doing a little bit of cleaning at the office as well. However, we can’t start the year (and strategy!) without taking a look at the last year and its achievements. So here you have the recap of what 2017 meant for CHAOS architects.


We are very pleased to say that our first MVP is finally out. You can now download Happycity from the Google Play store and, in a couple of weeks, it will also be available for iOS. This is just the first step towards our bigger mission: to become the de facto Smart City development platform empowered by citizens such as yourself.

During this year we will be writing more about our cloud platforms’ most interesting developments. In addition to our app Happycity, it will be powered by several other data sources, which will be visible on our data visualization desktop dashboards.

Very soon you will also be able not only to send ideas through Happycity, but to ping developers, city leaders and architects every time you submit an idea. We also have a surprise for all of you who are interested in augmented reality and artificial intelligence;  during the rest of the year, we would be developing strategic partnerships in order to deliver our content by using high quality graphics, and to make it easier for our customers to evaluate data through machine learning algorithms.


During 2017 we got our market segmentation ready and our first customer validations. We established meaningful relations with several players in the Smart City ecosystem. The response has been good and the need for engagement tools and decision making data is clearly there. During this spring we will start the first pilots and implementations with customers from each segment.


In matters of investment, it was an important year for our team. We got the support of Tekes, a Finnish accelerator and fund, and multiple angel investors that we met through FiBAN and our participation in SLUSH 2017 (read more in our press release coming out soon). This investment has allowed our company to keep innovating in city matters and moving forward. As a positive note, we are very pleased to contribute to the percentage of startups lead by women to get funded. Since we work in an industry that, unfortunately, still works in a pattern recognition method, we hope that having more women in this business opens opportunities for someone else.


The brand of a company is important, hence we have spent time (and several cups of coffee) planning our strategy and marketing. What we mostly believe in is the end user, that means you; therefore, one of the most important things we want to communicate is that we are here to listen to your ideas, comments, concerns and ambitions. You can see this approach reflected in our website, advertising, SoMe and blogs. We can say that in marketing and branding last year we had a lot of fun while designing the whole strategy. This year you can expect more content related to the Smart City and our solution.


Last but not least, our team has been getting stronger and bolder each time, and this is a big part of our success. Last year two new members became part of our company, get to know their experience from our website. Also, we are very happy to announce that we will be hiring more key people and we will open some internship positions. So, if you like working in a team with multiple languages, are eager to improve the place you live in, and like innovative technology, you should check out our positions. In addition, we can say that we complement our team with the community that we have found in Maria01, where our current office is located. We think that part of our success is due to the big and useful networks that working in this startup hub has brought up. If you are wondering how it looks like, come and pay us a visit.


Some other interesting things we participated in during 2017 were the following:

- Demos Helsinki, Bees and Trees program
- Pitch perjantai (Second place)
- Smart Clean Helsinki (Speaker)
- Women in Tech pitch
- Helsinki Smart City (Top 5 startups review)
- Slush 2017 (Top 10) (Check our pitch in the video below!)
- Recotech Seminar for Builders and developers (Speaker)
- Sinotrack Chinese program
- CoFounder magazine (Top 100 startups in Slush)


Aside from our goals in each area and with our latest funding round closed, the main focus during the spring 2018 is to launch the first version of the platform and pilot with our first customers. Scaling strategies are under development and a further cooperation with Tekes (in matters of R&D) will also be part of our strategy. If you are a customer and are interested in our new developments don’t hesitate to contact us!

With this, we hope that you stay put and be part of our journey! Remember to follow us in social media and the net to get insights of what we are doing:

Facebook: CHAOS architects
Twitter: @CHAOSarchitects
Instagram: CHAOS_architects
General enquiries: info@chaosarchitects.com

For a bold year together!

Natalia Rincon
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