Convert your project's data into valuable insights

Start your next development project knowing how existing infrastructure MATCHES the current needs.

With CHAOS Analytics, you can access real-time data on different aspects of city liveability: placemaking, transportation, sustainability, services, and demographics.

Our comprehensive data visualisation will let you identify the most sustainable development option under set conditions.


CHAOS Analytics is a universal data tool that can be applied to any urban and ARCHITECTURE planning projects.

Here are some cases:


Find a cost and resource effective strategy to navigate the relationship between urban design forms and demographics. Access socio-spatial analytics to prioritise development options in your area, and plan social spaces and services to facilitate community cohesion.


Measure liveability and vitality of urban, public, and commercial spaces and see how different urban components can affect the areas' sustainability.


Develop a campus or hub by engaging your community to know who your daily user is and what their needs are. From now on, you will surely know what development direction to take to bring the most value to your user.

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