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CHAOS architects

Why "CHAOS" architects?

CHAOS was the first thing that ever existed. Everything originates from CHAOS. CHAOS precedes creation. It is the source out of which everything is born. It is an opportunity.

CHAOS should not be confused with disorder. CHAOS is complexity. It is the predecessor of simplicity. CHAOS is the source of new forms, processes and ideas. After CHAOS, innovation begins.

What is our philosophy?

We believe in the butterfly effect theory. We think that big changes start with small things. Because of this, our passion is to trigger small changes to achieve greater and bigger things. We believe that sometimes the voice of a citizen might be too small to be recognized, or that the voices of citizens might be too noisy to be considered.

CHAOS architects makes loud and clear resonance of each citizen, and we bring citizens, cities, decision makers and companies together. We work to transform a small individual idea into a powerful asset for the cities we live in.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide tools for citizens to actively engage in their neighborhood and city planning. With your ideas we transform the decision making process to a more data-driven solution, to build happier and more sustainable cities.

How do we achieve our goal?

We build a platform where you can get urban data from. This urban data will be processed by utilizing new technologies, such as AI. This way, the data is ready not only to understand urban complexity, but also to be used for planning projects coherently and effectively, developing your research further and making efficient cooperation.

Why is CHAOS the best citizen engaging urban planning platform?

Single AI cloud platform.
Our platform provides practicality for the urban citizens, and it allows other smart city solutions (apps, open data) to work together, thus bringing us into the era of real smart cities.

Affordable and scalable.
A single solution saves implementation costs and is easy to scale.

Ideas and reactions, both from cities and citizens, are open for everyone.

Easily readable processed urban data.
Our platform collects data from citizens, and thanks to AI provides clean automatic analytics to people dealing with city projects. This resolves the common issue that citizens open arguments become messy, chaotic and useless data.

Motivating services.
Users get responses to their ideas, and they also get rewarded according to their participation. Furthermore with the help of gamification we make the participation even more rewarding and fun.

Creating culture.
Our platform aims to build a city community culture among the city inhabitants, where people care about their local happenings and their neighborhoods’ future plans, and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. A culture of how things do matter. A culture of awareness, where people are conscious of how quality of life and space are reachable. This culture enhances awareness not only for spatial quality, but also for social happiness and sustainability.


Why should I use the Happycity app?

You can let cities, decision makers and companies know the ideas you have for your neighborhood and city. You can get responses for your ideas and you can earn points while doing it!

Does the city want to hear about my ideas and thoughts?

Yes, when the ideas are presented in a clear way and have good reasoning. No worries about presentation, we offer easy and fun tools for it. When you gather enough votes and support from other citizens, your idea is ready to be considered to become a real project!

How will my ideas and thoughts be used?

Your ideas and thoughts are used for producing urban analytics, which help cities understand, for instance, social and cultural values and satisfaction of city services. This will be very useful data sources for cities, decision makers and companies to make effective and clever solutions when developing the city you live in.

What kind of idea should I share?

Any idea! Think about what you like or dislike about your city, and what you would like your city to have. How do you want to spend your precious time? In what kind of space and with whom? What makes you feel comfortable, inspired and energetic? All your ideas and thoughts are welcome!

Is Happycity available for every city?

Happycity is a tool for citizens to shape their city. Any city. Every city.

What data am I sharing and for what purpose?

We collect your demographic data, for instance gender, age, profession, education and location during the city activity in order to make urban analysis. The demographic data is essential to understand city complexity. Your data is only used for making statistics, and the statistical data is shown to our customers, cities and companies. Your individual data is not used and cannot be seen for other purposes.


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