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Happycity lets you share ideas on how your city could be improved.

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Co-creating happiness

Happycity is a fun and easy tool to let your voices be heard by cities. You are the expert who knows the potential of the city you live in, thus you have the power to make positive changes in it.

You can also discover attractive places and events in your city, and get to know your city and enjoy life there even better, thanks to the crowdsourced data.

How does it work?

Select the space you want to transform.

City tags can help you present your idea.

Add description and location.

Like and comment on the best ideas.

More features coming soon!

Use the map feature to find ideas near you and people with similar interests.

Use augmented reality to bring your ideas to life.

Earn Happycoins every time you submit and vote for an idea. Exchange them for city services.

Choose your future.
Choose Happycity.

The happiness has started.
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